Splintered Light: the sequel to Hiding Hand, in which a young girl
comes of age... with her god-like powers as the first of a new
species in deadly conflict with her innate love and compassion...
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This novel -- and the trilogy it concludes -- is metaphysical sci-fi...
...much more about life and love and inner space than about outer space...
Splintered Light is Book III of the Nova sapiens trilogy, speculative
metaphysical fiction that takes off from the present-day science of
evolution and consciousness and leaps into the dangers of an alternative
future for humanity.  It concludes the theme of the trilogy about the inherent
conflict between the love of power and the power of love.
In this third book, the human race arrives at a critical point.  An evolutionary feedback loop in the human genome has been
triggered.  It better integrates the evolutionary segments of the brain.  The result is extraordinary physical and mental powers and
accessibility to greater consciousness, developing within
Nova sapiens, a new species of human beings.  The first of the new
species is now here.  But is the human race ready?
Splintered Light explores old parables about power from the myths and fables of other cultures and times,  continuing the Monkey
Trap and Hiding Hand sagas in another rich and complex tale that is a...

--Love story at the intersection of morality and necessity.
--Action adventure pitting evenly-matched enemies in a furious battling chase.
--Psychodrama of good people caught in the evil of their own monkey traps.
--Philosophical speculation on what separates man from beast.
--Scientific speculation on the mechanisms of evolution and the nature of consciousness.
--Suspenseful mystery about dangers inherent in the leading edges of technology.
--Mystical fable about archetypes of the human condition.
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Hiding Hand
Fifteen-year-old Eva Connard is the first of the Nova sapiens species. Novas can
dip at will into dimensions normal humans cannot perceive, and can manipulate
both psychic and physical energies. She is on the cusp of developing supernatural
skills, aided by Joshua O’Donnell. He is her older half-brother and surrogate
parent, an almost-Nova, a warrior sworn to protect his baby sister.

But neither Eva’s evolving skills nor her big brother are protective of the emotional
vulnerabilities of a young girl. This is quickly discerned by Robert Blake, a brilliant
and charismatic televangelist with a carefully concealed moral deficit. He works his
way into Eva’s affections to turn the incipient power of the Novas to his own ends.
Betrayal of love for power drops Eva precipitously into an emotional hell.

Concurrently in the outer world, disclosure of the existence of Novas incites
different governments and cultures and splinter groups to either gain control over
Nova children or destroy them. Eva is forced into a messiah role, a reluctant
Second Coming of Christ. The outside world explodes with violent reaction and her
inner world implodes with personal betrayals.

In the midst of descending world and personal chaos, Eva must find a solution that
threads the needle: protects Novas but does not harm humanity.  A terrible
responsibility for one so young, as ancient allegories and end-time myths become
all too real.
"...a disquieting and fascinating novel...the new characters intertwine with the
wonderful images that are woven through the story like the threads of a tapestry..."
“... reading compulsively until... the conclusion... originality sets it apart from the rest
of SF novels being published these days...”
“... convincing characters and a compellingly-paced plot... an sf adventure that
combines hard science, mysticism and alien contact... for most libraries...”
“... will test your wits while keeping you on the edge of your seat... for the big fans of
Robert Heinlein, you will detect the master’s intelligent flavor all through this...”  
“... combining love, action, philosophy, suspense, mystery, and the human condition
into one book seems daunting, but they’ve successfully done it...”
Readers and reviewers also have had favorable reactions to both
Monkey Trap and Hiding Hand...
"...dazzling prose, a spellbinding tale... a page-turner with all manner of twists, and I
recommend it unreservedly..."
If you haven't
yet read Book II
of the trilogy,
read its
chapter here...
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In 2013, Splintered Light was a:
(1) Gold Winner in the Global e-Book Awards,
Paranormal category;
(2) Silver Winner in Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year Awards,
Religious category;
(3) Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards,
New Age Fiction category;
(4) Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards,
Action/Adventure category;
(5) Finalist in the USA Book News’ Book of the Year Awards in two categories,
New Age and Sci-Fi.  
These categories cross a number of genres, and though the novel certainly wasn’t written in an
attempt to make everyone happy, it apparently has broad appeal.
Splintered Light was published in July 2012 by Twilight Times Books, ISBN# 978-1-60619-020-3.  Trade
paperback, 5.5" x 8.5", 403 pages.  Available from the publisher, Amazon, B&N and other bookstores as
print or e-book.