Monkey Trap: a story about the agonies of love and power, wrapped in
mysticism and unrelenting suspense...
Lara and John are given the incredible powers of the next stage of human evolution,
by two alien minds. Then they are set on a collision course to death and destruction.

One alien wants the race to advance to its
Nova sapiens potential. The other wants a
descent into darkness, to enhance its own power.  But which is which?  And why?     

Thus begins an intricate psychodrama and a furious battling chase in which the
heroes have to penetrate false perceptions, discern veiled truths, rely on their inner
strengths, and let go of power in favor of love.
If they are to survive. If the human race
is to survive...
USA Book News Best Books 2005 - Finalist in Fantasy & Science Fiction,
Winner in E-Book Fiction;
Dream Realm Awards 2004 - Finalist;
Connecticut 2005 Book Awards - Nominee;  Amazon - great ratings!
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“... reading compulsively until... the conclusion... originality sets it apart from the rest
of SF novels being published these days...”  
 ~ Mayra Calvani, Blether, and Midwest
Book Reviews
“... convincing characters and a compellingly-paced plot... an sf adventure that
combines hard science, mysticism and alien contact... for most libraries...”  
Cassada, Library Journal
“... will test your wits while keeping you on the edge of your seat... for the big fans of
Robert Heinlein, you will detect the master’s intelligent flavor all through this...”  
~Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews
“... combining love, action, philosophy, suspense, mystery, and the human condition
into one book seems daunting, but they’ve successfully done it...”  
Rosamilia, Epic SFF
“... once the reading begins, you’ll not want to do anything else but finish the book...
carrying it with me to read at every opportunity...”  
~Bill Tellefsen, Fictional Worlds
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It's metaphysical sci-fi...
...more about inner space than outer space...
Monkey Trap is Book I of the Nova sapiens trilogy, speculative
metaphysical fiction that takes off from the present-day science of
evolution and consciousness and leaps into the dangers of an
alternative future for humanity.  Book II continues that theme.  Book III is
scheduled for publication in July 2012.
In this first book, the human race is at a turning point.  An evolutionary feedback loop in the
human genome is about to be triggered.  It will better integrate the three evolutionary
segments of the brain.  The result will be extraordinary physical and mental powers and
accessibility to greater consciousness, developing within human beings over a relatively
short span of generations.  But is the human race ready?
In a monkey trap, the bait is nuts of which monkeys are particularly fond.  If they can’t let go
of the nuts, they get trapped and become monkey soup.  Equivalent bait for human beings
is power.  This is an old parable, found in the myths and fables of other cultures and
times.  Monkey Trap wraps this into the present day, in a rich and complex tale that is a...

--Love story at the intersection of morality and necessity.
--Action adventure pitting evenly-matched enemies in a furious battling chase.
--Psychodrama of two good people caught in the evil of their own monkey traps.
--Philosophical speculation on what separates man from beast.
--Scientific speculation on the mechanisms of evolution and the nature of consciousness.
--Suspenseful mystery about dangers inherent in the leading edges of technology.
--Mystical fable about archetypes of the human condition.
Published November 15, 2004 by Twilight Times Books; distributed by Midpoint Trade
Books.  Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Borders, Tattered Cover,
Walden Books, other chains, and independent bookstores.  ISBN 1-931201-34-X.  Trade
paperback, 5.5" x 8.0", 432 pages.  Retail price $19.50.   Also sold as e-book.
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“Monkey Trap... keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time, wondering what’s going to happen
next... well-drawn characters... a real imaginative tale...”   
~Annette Gisby, editor of Twisted Tales.
"This is an immensely exciting SF thriller..."   ~Dr. Bob Rich, author of the The Stories of the Ehvelen
“...full of twists and turns, undercurrents and subplots... a dynamite cast of characters who intrigue,
thrill, delight and astound... masterful storytelling...”  
 ~Charlene Austin, Writers and Readers Network.
“...I have not often seen such an evocative presentation... of both the science and the philosophy...”   
~Dr. Roger Nelson, Director, Global Consciousness Project.
(Visit the fascinating website of the Global Consciousness Project at
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Monkey Trap was published in November 2004 by Twilight Times Books, ISBN# 1-931201-34-X.  
Trade paperback, 5.5" x 8.0", 432 pages.  Available from the publisher, Amazon, B&N and other
bookstores as print or e-book.