Hiding Hand: the sequel to Monkey Trap, in which the boy Joshua
confronts the conflict between love and power and continues the
trilogy’s intricate psychodrama...
Joshua, now eighteen, comes of age in a blistering conflict between the love of
power and the power of love, and must confront his own dark side as human
evolution explodes around him. This story intertwines a continuing human drama
with science, mysticism and unrelenting suspense.

When his parents are disabled and his uncle is killed, Joshua becomes the sole
protector of his baby sister Eva. She is the first
Nova sapiens -- a potential
Messiah for a troubled humanity. But she is kidnapped by a psychopath
masquerading as a pious Muslim cleric; he wants Eva’s power for himself.
Joshua gives chase, in the process accidentally rescuing a mysterious young
Muslim woman, Elia. They fall in love, a thing forbidden to her and unwise for him.

Elia helps him on his mission, using her strange rapport with an ancient arcane
Sisterhood to harness the psychic forces building in the world.  But the cleric has
overwhelming resources, including a quantum machine that can degrade that part
of the brain dealing with moral balance; he uses the machine to deceive Joshua
and re-capture Elia.

Joshua is forced to proceed alone, with the machine pushing his mind inexorably
toward an insane love of power. If the boy succumbs to the power and uses it, he
could rescue Elia, but his first duty is to rescue his baby sister and defend the next
stage of human evolution. Torn, Joshua must confront not only the forces arrayed
against him, but also the greater darkness within his evolving self... as he
struggles to use a primal power he can never fully control.
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“... finished it this morning, after a few classic can't-put-it-down sessions... beautifully extrapolated from the
real science”  
 ~Roger Nelson, Director, Global Consciousness Project
And reviewers on Amazon have weighed in...

"...a disquieting and fascinating novel...the new characters intertwine with the wonderful images that are
woven through the story like the threads of a tapestry..."   
(5 stars)  

"...dazzling prose, a spellbinding tale... a page-turner with all manner of twists, and I recommend it
(5 stars)
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It's metaphysical sci-fi...
...more about inner space than outer space...
Hiding Hand is Book II of the Nova sapiens trilogy, speculative
metaphysical fiction that takes off from the present-day science of
evolution and consciousness and leaps into the dangers of an alternative
future for humanity.  It continues the theme of Book I about the conflict
between love and power.  Book III is scheduled for publication in July 2012.
In this second book, the human race is entering a turning point.  An evolutionary feedback loop in the human
genome has been triggered.  It better integrates the three evolutionary segments of the brain.  The result is
extraordinary physical and mental powers and accessibility to greater consciousness, developing within
, a new species of human beings.  But is the human race ready?
Hiding Hand explores old parables about power from the myths and fables of other cultures
and times,  continuing the Monkey Trap theme in another rich and complex tale that is a...

--Love story at the intersection of morality and necessity.
--Action adventure pitting evenly-matched enemies in a furious battling chase.
--Psychodrama of good people caught in the evil of their own monkey traps.
--Philosophical speculation on what separates man from beast.
--Scientific speculation on the mechanisms of evolution and the nature of consciousness.
--Suspenseful mystery about dangers inherent in the leading edges of technology.
--Mystical fable about archetypes of the human condition.
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Splintered Light
October 2008... USA Book News announces that Hiding Hand is a finalist in the New Age
Fiction category of the National Best Books 2008 Awards, presented for titles published in
2008 and late 2007...
March 2009... ForeWord Magazine announces that
Hiding Hand is a finalist for its 2008 Book-of-the-Year
Awards, in the sci-fi category...
Hiding Hand was published in August 2008 by Twilight Times Books, ISBN# 978-1-60619-016-6.  Trade
paperback, 5.5" x 8.5", 378 pages.  Available from the publisher, Amazon, B&N and other bookstores
as print or e-book.