About the publisher...
Twilight Times Books is a mainstream small press publisher, launching over 100
critically acclaimed titles in trade paperback and e-book formats.
Twilight Times is owned and operated by Lida Quillen.   Lida says...

"All of our titles consistently receive four and five star reviews.  Over half of our titles have won awards.  
This is what I mean by 'critically acclaimed'.

"At Twilight Times Books our mission is to promote excellence in writing and great literature.  We're
dedicated to enhancing the prospects of getting great literary, New Age and SF/F books into the hands of
readers.  Interestingly, the quality of the books is beginning to get several of them into college classes as
teaching examples or subjects for literature classes.

"Members of the media, booksellers and retailers can download catalogs, flyers, sell sheets, reviews
and chapter excerpts from the
media room on our website."
Hiding Hand
Monkey Trap
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Splintered Light
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Twilight Times appreciates its readers, and shows it by running frequent promotions that offer discounted (50%, and
sometimes even free!) promotional e-books on its own website as well as via most other platforms, such as eReader.com,
Fictionwise.com, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, OmniLit, Sony, etc.   Look for some interesting offers during the early days of
release this summer...
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