About the author...
The way we are...
Lee Denning is the pen name for a father-daughter writing team, taken from combining
first names.

Denning Powell has been a construction worker, mathematician, soldier, scientist,
engineer and entrepreneur. He recently sold AEI, the  environmental consulting firm he
founded in 1989, and now uses his extensive background in the physical sciences and
engineering to plot and underpin their stories.

Leanne Powell is a psychologist and technical writer for a pharmaceutical
company by day, and a poet and mystic by night. Her passion for words and ideas feeds
the metaphysical and psychodramatic aspects of their stories.
Denning now lives in Hawaii, on
the Big Island; Lee lives in
Southern California. They email
and swap ideas; then they outline
and structure and plot and write
and edit and rewrite. Love and
hilarity season these
cross-ocean megabytes. Their
collaboration started
accidentally... but did it, really?  
That question may best be left to
serious students of chaos theory.
The way we were...
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Splintered Light
Three Shorts
Interview of Denning by  Mayra Calvani (author
of Embraced by the Shadows, Dark Lullaby,
and The Slippery Art of Book Reviewing)
VIDEO!!!  Watch these two idiots jump out of an airplane  to
celebrate Leanne's 18th birthday...
Excerpt from Twilight Times'  "How I Wrote My
First Book" --
Denning's chapter (which gives
some of the history behind our collaboration)
Denning has moved to a new home on the Big Island, the
backdrop for parts of
Hiding Hand and Splintered Light...
The Big Island is a very spiritual place... the mountains connect the sea and
the sky, and the whole context entrains your soul... we hope some sense of
this feeling is conveyed in Hiding Hand and Splintered Light...
It's an interesting sensation, sitting in the door of a small airplane, looking
at 10,000 feet of emptiness beneath your legs... and then it's time to jump...